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We are Quality Roofing Repair Contractors who can remedy your roofing problem for about 1/2 the cost of others. 

Our firm repairs and renews commercial roofs for a variety of roof designs and sizes.  We use Pace products exclusively as their products have withstood the test of time.  In addition to these long lasting quality components and products used on each job, we complete each job at a fraction of the cost of our competition. Most roof leaks occur on seems or flashings. Our system is seamless; Hence, NO LEAKS!

We get the job done right and at about half of the cost our competition charges!  Nobody wants to think about their roof but when it starts leaking it can jeopardize your inventory, your employees, your image etc.  Think of the cost if because of water damage to your inventory you lost many thousands of dollars or because of a wet floor an employee slipped and was hurt and is now suing you. The list could go on and on what a faulty roof could and most probably would cost you.  Our applications typically cost about Half the cost of a new roof.

Take a minute and review some of the reasons why a roof might fail, what they typical cost could be to replace your roof, what we do, how we do it  and some of our previous clients.

If you are experiencing any roof leakage contact  us at your convenience.  We will provide you with a FREE roof survey and provide you with our low-cost treatment.  Our roof renewal products can even be used through standing water on a wet roof!

  The value of the roof can amount to as much as 10% of the total value of a building.  So, it makes sense to protect this investment through continuous Roof Maintenance.  Our applications are designed to make the roof last the life of the building.


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If  you are looking for flat roof repair, roof leak repair, roof repair contractors, leaking roof repair, roof repair cost, tile roof repair, metal roof repair, leaky roof repair, rubber roof repair, etc.; you've come to the right place.

Be sure to check out Some of Our Past Client Customers and how we handle our customers and prospective customers Privacy Statement.  Be sure to Contact Us with any questions you may have about your roof and possible repairs.  We serve about a 50 mile radius of Muncie, Indiana.







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